6 March 2015


Finally have a model modelled and painted up to show off.

I've searched around with google, and honestly I don't think  I've found anyone who has done a project quite like this.

Really wishing I could find a charger. My Smaller camera doesn't seem to pick up the details all that well.

2 March 2015

Building a Better Codex - Tau Empire

I've played Warhammer 40k fora while, and there are some units/Factions that just don't seem to get enough love, or when they do get some attention, they've been made worse or just plain off.
For this series, I'll be exploring how I would go about improving various factions, starting with Tau.

26 January 2015

Robes and Incense to Fangs and Pelts

This marks the start of a long project I'm gonna start shortly.

Lets be honest, for the content you get, the Dark Vengeance boxset is pretty damn good value for money, even before you take into account the Rulebook, Templates and startup set of dice.
The models are superbly cast, and perfect for any Dark angel or Chaos Player looking to add a touch more umph to their force.
But then there is the trade off for other Power Armoured factions not really having the option to use those same models.

Well I'm gonna document my trails and tribulations as I slowly convert a Dark Angel Tactical Squad into a group of Space Wolf Grey Hunters.
I'm still running on the 5th ed codex, but I'm sure there is enough that has stayed the same that the final unit will still be perfectly legal.

Here are the lucky Marines who shall soon emerge as Hunters in grey.

Why do Dark Angels have such a rep with Plasma?

First man up to the chopping block will be the Sergeant, who I shall be swapping his hands for a Boltgun and Close Combat Weapon. Luckily i have a Space Wolf Torso free to replace the robed torso that comes with the model. I had orignally thought the Plasma Pistol arm was a bit more free to position, but closer inspection reveals I'm sorta stuck with this awkward pose. Ah well.

Thats all for now, thanks for reading.


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