29 July 2015

Planeswalker Journal - 29/07/15

Here is a long journal from the last Friday Night Magic I attended.

Played a mono-blue Modern deck with Jace, Architect of Thought as the featured card.
Planeswalker (1)
1x Jace, Architect of Thought
Creature (12)
2x Clinging Anemones, 1x Dirgur Nemesis, 1x Doorkeeper, 1x Hover Barrier, 2x Mindscour Dragon, 1x Mnemonic Wall, 1x Monastery Flock, 1x Sage's Row Denizen, 1x Torrent Elemental, 1x Wall of Frost
Instant (12)
4x Cancel, 1x Learn from the Past, 1x Nullify, 4x Rakshasa's Disdain, 1x Statute of Denial, 1x Stymied Hopes
Enchantment (12)
2x Chronic Flooding, 1x Claustrophobia, 1x Encrust, 1x Evanescent Intellect, 1x Illusory Gains, 3x Mirror Mockery, 2x Reduce in Stature, 1x Singing Bell Strike
Sorcery (3)
1x Mind Sculpt, 2x Thassa's Bounty
Land (25)
25x Island
For my first game of the night I faced an opponent who had up to that night was undefeated. He plays (played) a Mono-Red Tribal Goblin deck focues around Krenko Mob Boss. He also plays with a 100 card deck.
I severely reduced the effectiveness of his offensives, and was only reduced down to roughly 10-14 Life Points.
I predominantly had Defenders and Jace out, so very little offensive, and the combination of Jace's +1 and my defenders I only lost a single life point during each of my my opponents' turns. He almost played a Shiven Dragon, but thankfully I had a Rakshas's Disdain and a large graveyard to counter it.
I also used Jace's ultimate at 8 loyalty to summon a Krenko Mob Boss from my opponents deck, in addition to a Mindscour Dragon from my own deck.
The game was looking like a stalemate, with me slowly amassing my own goblin army, and wittling his life point and deck down with Mindscour Dragon flying over his non-reach, non-flying goblin army.
He however finished the game by playing a Mob Rule when I didn't have any counter spells in my hand.
As you can tell I didn't beat him. It was he next opponent that final took him down from his undefeated status.
My second game I lost due to just not getting any decent cards out.
I was playing against a Black/White deck I had never seen before. Unfortunately, the details are a bit toosketchy now to really give a full report on how the game went.
Third game was a Two Headed Giant. My partner was using a five-colour Dragon-tribal focus deck, with Xenagos, The Reveler as a featured Planeswalker.
My opponents had, a Pure White Ajani Steadfast & Cats deck. He didn't get a great deal out. Mainly Serra Angel who didn't do much.
The other opponent was playing a Red/Blue Disruption deck. He mainly got Jeskai cards out, such as Mistfire Adept, Jeskai Windscout, and Lotus Path Djinn.
Both opponents had a good portion of their decks milled by me, whilst my partner amassed a Dragon flock, including "Ojutai, Soul of Winter," "Atarka, World Render," "Harbinger of the Hunt", "Mindscour Dragon," "Savage Ventmaw" and "Silumgar Drifting Death."
After waiting a few turns, which our opponents used to throw creatures with lifelink at us, we unleashed the dragon horde and easily decimated our opponents.
Fourth game was against the Red/Blue Disruption player.
I ended up making several of my opponents creatures useless, with either Mirror Mockery of his Goblin tokens, Claustrophobia, Reduce in Stature, Encrust, Illusory Gains and Singing Bell Strike.
Singing Bell was a delitful turn two play. It also used up a good amount of my opponents mana, but once he kept drawing land, it began to become less of an obstacle for him.
This game lasted a long while (as did my first ad third game), and in fact I won the game by deck out of my opponent.
After that game I had a look at the Red/blue players deck, and discussed how it could be improved. I gave him all the blue cards from my Elspeth and Kiora cards, which would certainly bolster his blue strength.
He also bought a Theros Red/Blue constructed deck, and managed to beat me.
Since then I've experimented with a Standard Mono-Red Deck. It is currently untested, and I'm waiting for the next local FNM to play it.
Creature (12)
1x Bloodfire Expert, 2x Defiant Ogre, 3x Gore Swine, 1x Hardened Berserker, 1x Monastery Swiftspear, 1x Stormcrag Elemental, 3x Summit Prowler
Instant (11)
2x Arcbond, 1x Bring Low, 2x Dragonrage, 1x Friendly Fire, 2x Rending Volley, 1x Sarkhan's Rage, 1x Shatter, 1x Tail Slash
Artifact (1)
1x Gate Smasher
Enchantment (3)
1x Break Through the Line, 2x Impact Tremors
Sorcery (12)
1x Act of Treason, 1x Arc Lightning, 2x Bathe in Dragonfire, 1x Descent of Dragons, 1x Fierce Invocation, 2x Magmatic Chasm, 2x Pyrotechnics, 1x Seismic Rupture, 1x Vandalize
Land (26)
26x Mountain

Thats for now folks, thanks for reading!


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